Business continuity is vital for commercial and enterprise organizations.   An essential part of continuity is telecom and data communications.  Losing communications can result from natural disasters and a prolonged shutdown of the electrical grid.


Most organizations today rely on the internet for both voice and data communications.  Without electricity, your ability to power the internet will come to a quick and complete halt.


In addition, sub-stations and towers that provide internet and cell service begin to fail because of the lack of electricity and or damage caused by the natural disaster.


Over the last 5 years, there have been many instances of these scenarios playing out.  


Hurricane Irma left most of the Keys with communications for nearly 72 hours.  Hurricane Harvey, Michael, and Maria had much the same effect.


Transpondr’s SATCOM as a Service provides your business with solutions that help assure you that if disaster strikes, your voice and data communications can still exist.

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