With technology changing at a rapid pace, often faster than budget cycles and procurement processes, getting capital funds to buy new equipment every few years can be burdensome, challenging, and oftentimes not possible.  To make matters worse, equipment becomes outdated and the useful life is often surpassed before capital funds for new equipment can be made available.  Leasing provides the ability to utilize operating and maintenance funds for equipment and ensures that the latest technologies are always available.

Our leasing program can provide your organization the flexibility to bypass the traditional, complex procurement process, leverage different funding sources, and acquire the gear you need, now! 

  • Bundle your equipment, bandwidth, and field services into one monthly payment plan

  • Lease satellite terminals, baseband equipment, land mobile radios, vehicles, power modules, encryption devices, gateway hub antennas, and more!

  • Lease or finance other equipment that your organization needs into your monthly plan, even if it isn't part of your communications solution - laptops, vehicles, generators, and more!

  • Flexible terms and payment schedules

  • Flexible leasing and finance options

    • Lease to Own​

    • Lease with Option to Buy

    • Straight Lease/Rental

  • Government customers automatically approved and lease can be generated in less than 24 hours​

  • Up to one year payment deferral available - get gear now and don't pay until the next budget cycle

For End Users:

  • Get your complete communications solution packaged into a single monthly or quarterly payment

  • More flexible funding and procurement path options using leasing

  • Spread procurement out over multiple budget cycles

For Service Providers:

  • Bundle equipment leasing with your services to provide ultimate flexibility and value to your customers

  • Create pre-defined, pre-priced packages that bundle your services and equipment

  • Customers are more willing to subscribe to services when equipment is included

For Equipment OEMs & Resellers:

  • Offer your customers leasing as another procurement option

  • Get more bundled add-ons such as extended maintenance and training in a lease

  • We buy the equipment from you up front and in full, so no operational changes are required at your organization

  • We manage the lease, handle the payment, and take on all risks involved with non-payment and government funding clauses

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