Turnkey Connectivity Services for Live Video Events

Turnkey live video and satellite IP data services for events, action sports, news coverage, and remote locations. Let your cameramen focus on getting the perfect shot - let us manage the rest to get the video back to your studio or streaming service.

Connectivity... Anywhere

100% dedicated satellite connectivity so you no longer have to rely on questionable cellular or terrestrial data sources. Whether you have one live video stream or twenty, we can scale the bandwidth requirements to the event.

  • Satellite and bonded cellular hybrid connectivity provides critical redundancy

  • Use your existing bonded cellular kits and/or encoders, or opt to include those in your service

Wireless Untethered Video

Take your live video events to the next level by untethering and giving your cameras the freedom to move and roam anywhere with the ultimate “first mile” wireless technology.  Our IP MIMO Radios provide a unique waveform technology that creates a wireless mesh IP data network. This allows encoded video from any camera to seamlessly make its way back to your IP data source—whether it’s satellite, cellular, or terrestrial. Ditch the miles-long cable runs and go wireless.  You can also use this IP data link for internet, voice, and remote camera operation. So, what makes this technology special?

  • Line-of-Sight NOT Required—Traditional wireless video technologies require line-of-sight, meaning cameras must minimize movement and avoid obstructions.

  • Self-Healing Mesh Network—Each radio acts as a repeater for all radios in the network, meaning a camera at extended range can use the other radios to route the video back to the data link site.  All of this is done automatically with zero operator input required.

  • Live and On-the-Move—Cameras can deliver LIVE video from nearly ANY moving platform, including vehicles, mountain bikes, boats, personnel, and even drones. Get rid of the nightmare cable runs and basic stationary shots and get your cameras moving!

  • Point-of-View (POV) Live Video—Get live video shots from action cameras and fast-moving platforms such as race cars or helmet cams.

  • Extreme Range and Obstacle Penetration—IP MIMO Radios, with the right antennas and positioning, can achieve ranges from up to a few miles in dense urban environments with heavy obstructions, to over a hundred miles on aerial platforms.  The proprietary waveform penetrates concrete, steel, buildings, and most obstacles.

  • No Frequency Licensing Required—With less than 10 Watts of output power, and available unlicensed frequency spectrum, IP MIMO Radios are a simple plug-n-play capability without the headaches involved with traditional microwave shots. The radios will automatically shift within the selected spectrum to avoid interference.

Live Video Transport & Delivery Services

We can handle the complete movement of your video from your cameras to your studio or streaming service. Let your cameramen do what they do best, let us handle the rest!

Choice of single program feed, home studio production, and/or streaming

  • Live video streams are sent directly to and decoded at the studio, meaning your existing home studio and production is used - no more need for on-site studio services

  • Video can be sent to the streaming platform of your choice

  • Hybrid - Video can be sent to home production AND streaming service

  • Transcoding - we can transcode H.265 HEVC streams from the field into H.264 so you can use your existing legacy decoders

Event Services

By leveraging our ecosystem of partners, we can provide everything you need for a successful live video event.

  • Studio Services

  • Production Services

  • Talent (on-camera or voiceover)

  • Equipment (cameras, encoders, etc)

  • Technical Personnel (engineers, camera operators, etc)

  • And more...

Why do we use IP over satellite?

Although bonded cellular often provides the needed connectivity for live video in typical urban environments, satellite IP provides a dedicated, reliable data backhaul service that is not affected by location and user saturation. We always deploy satellite data services with LiveSat Event, whether to supplement and provide backup to cellular or to provide the only available means of moving data. 

Limitations of bonded cellular:

1) Remote locations often have spotty, unreliable, or non-existent cellular or terrestrial network coverage, meaning satellite is the only data option available

2) Cellular can quickly become saturated and unusable when large numbers of users are accessing limited cellular bandwidth.  This is very common and likely during large events.


Satellite is available anywhere in the world and provides the most reliable and stable form of IP data communication. Your bandwidth will be dedicated to you and your live video will always have priority.

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