Hybrid Bonded Cellular and Satellite for Guaranteed Connectivity...Anywhere

Leveraging Teradek's Bond, a proven backpack-based bonded cellular and HEVC encoding kit, and LBiSat's dedicated Ku-band satellite network, your live video is guaranteed to have the bandwidth that it needs regardless of location and cellular network congestion.

Teradek's H.265 HEVC encoding technology can compress a full HD 1080p video stream to half the bitrate of the previous H.264 standard. Bond intelligently combines cellular and satellite connectivity into a single usable IP data link.


HEVC encoding, combined with the latest efficiencies in satellite IP data, brings satellite-based IP video streaming to a new level of affordability and accessibility.  Gone are the days of the large, expensive broadcast satellite truck and questionable cellular bandwidth availability.

Why Satellite for Live Video?

1) Remote locations often have spotty, unreliable, or non-existent cellular or terrestrial network coverage, meaning satellite is the only data option available

2) Cellular can quickly become saturated and unusable when large numbers of users are congesting limited cellular bandwidth

3) Satellite connectivity is available anywhere in the world and provides the most reliable and stable form of IP data communication



Satellite Antenna & Modem (Choose Vehicle-Based or Transit Case-Based)

Teradek Bond 759 HEVC Backpack Kit

Monthly Subscription

     Includes 5GB of satellite data


Cellular Data - Pay Per GB

Satellite Data - Pay Per GB (after 5 GB used)

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