Managed SATCOM is an end-to-end managed service designed to deliver the capabilities and benefits of satellite communications (SATCOM) in a simple, flexible monthly subscription.  Satellite connectivity is now accessible without the burdensom up-front capital expense to buy hardware, fund ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs, hire in-house SATCOM expertise, or pay for ongoing bandwidth that may never get used.  We manage the hardware, network, and service so you can focus on your mission.  Instantly activate your service on-demand and only pay for bandwidth the days you need it.

SUBSCRIPTION-BASED SERVICE - Your subscription includes all satellite & connectivity hardware, choice of support equipment such as VoIP phones and radios, reserved satellite bandwidth, and complete 24/7 service. All equipment maintenance, upgrades, and service included in your subscription.

PRE-CONFIGURED MANAGED EQUIPMENT - Satellite terminal, modem, and support equipment pre-configured, ready to use, and completely managed for the life of your subscription.

BANDWIDTH ON-DEMAND - Guaranteed dedicated and available, even during high-demand.  Activate your service instantly and only pay for bandwidth the days you use it with NO minimum commitment.



  • Dedicated pre-configured equipment on-site at your facility

  • Choose from multiple satellite antenna options, including fixed, case-based auto-acquire, vehicle-mounted, or trailer-based

  • Includes training and regular follow-up/service visits


  • We manage your equipment package in a ready-to-deploy state at our facility and will dispatch to you on-demand

  • A technician will deploy with your equipment to your site​

  • Satellite messenger device included so you can always activate your service

Bandwidth and support kit packages available for emergency response, media/broadcast, live video, scheduled events, and more. 


First Responders & Disaster Recovery

Stay connected in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. Communications are critical in coordinating rescue and relief resources after an event

Business Continuity

When terrestrial communications go down, organizations can insure against costly network outages and lost productivity

Media & Events

Ensure connectivity when covering a big story by providing primary or backup communications for events, including voice, data, and/or video


Whether it’s a federal agency national security response, state emergency management activity, or a municipality seeking to stay connected, maintain critical communications anytime, anywhere

Military & DoD

When reliable, secure communications is needed anywhere in the world, military users and special mission units can leverage SATCOM as a Service for quick and easy global communications

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Do I have to buy equipment to use this service?


No, all equipment is leased into your monthly subscription, so no up-front purchases are required.

2. What is the difference between a managed and self-deploy subscription?


In a MANAGED subscription, your equipment package remains at our facility in a ready-to-deploy state. When you request usage of your kit, one of our technicians will deploy with your kit to the site of your choice and set up your equipment.


In a SELF-DEPLOY subscription, a pre-configured, ready-to-deploy auto-acquisition satellite antenna is located at your facility and can quickly and easily be setup and deployed by your team.  You get to choose whether you want a case-based portable antenna or one mounted to a vehicle or trailer. For customers that are not in hurricane-prone areas, you can also opt for a fixed antenna be installed on your grounds that is pre-pointed and ready-to-go. 

3. Is the equipment shared or dedicated to my organization?

Your equipment is completely dedicated to you.

4. What is the benefit of a long-term subscription if the service is only for emergencies?

You get a dedicated, ready-to-deploy SATCOM capability that is guaranteed to be there when you need it most. The subscription also guarantees satellite bandwidth is available for you. Rental services are first-come first-served and usually unavailable during emergency or disaster scenarios. 

5. What about equipment maintenance and upgrades?

Whether dedicated and at your site, or managed at our facility, your equipment is 100% guaranteed to always be ready-to-deploy. This means we take care of all upgrades, firmware updates, repairs, modem changes, etc for the life of your subscription. For self-deploy customers, a technician will visit you twice per year to provide equipment testing/service and training for your personnel. 

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